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Clinical Leadership

Ameritox has made significant research contributions and clinical advancements in the field of pain management, which have helped us expand the tools and resources we offer to our physician partners.

Our research team collaborates with top academic, research, and pain centers, including Beth Israel Medical Center and Thomas Jefferson School of Population Health, and we lead the industry with an innovative research program that’s redefining the field of pain medication monitoring.

Contributions include:

  • Five published studies and ten accepted poster presentations at major pain conferences in the last two years. Read some of these studies.
  • The establishment of a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of leading experts in pain medicine, providing guidance on clinical research, pain management, and establishing the role of urine drug monitoring in pain monitoring.
  • A study of nearly one million urine drug tests showed that likely nonadherence and drug misuse are very common across all age and demographic groups of patients on chronic opioid therapy.
  • A health economics study analyzed managed care claims of more than 18 million patients, finding that patients undergoing opioid therapy for chronic pain who may not be following their prescription regimen have significantly higher overall healthcare costs.

By adding to the body of knowledge regarding managing patients on chronic opioid therapy, Ameritox continues to assist physicians in making better treatment decisions. Our expertise and innovative science provide insights and support that enable physicians to enhance and optimize the care they provide for their chronic pain patients.

Learn more about pain medication monitoring with Ameritox by contacting us online or by calling us at (888) 355-6313.