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Urine Drug Testing and Pain Medication Monitoring – Rx GuardianSM from Ameritox

Pain medication monitoring with Ameritox’s Rx GuardianSM process goes beyond standard urine drug testing, giving clinicians added confidence in assessing whether their patients are taking medications correctly. The Rx GuardianSM process from Ameritox, enhanced with Rx Guardian CDSM, uses patented methods and the most comprehensive reference database of pain patients who were clinically assessed as adherent. Patients’ normalized results are compared to the reference database, providing clinicians with added assurance in assessing patients’ pain medication adherence. This helps clinicians identify potential abuse, misuse or diversion of patient medication.

Discover how Rx Guardian CDSM can help you provide a new standard of care in treating chronic pain patients. Contact Ameritox to learn more today.

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With urine drug monitoring, you obtain the critical information that provides you with added confidence in assessing your patients’ pain medication adherence.

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As the nation’s leader in pain medication monitoring, Ameritox has now created the next generation in pain medication monitoring solutions.

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